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I have a command object composed of primitive fields and an object field. How do I bind my form fields to the fields in the object?

I tried doing this but to no avail

<form:form commandName="course" method="POST">
     <form:input path="activity.activity"/>

I get this error

      Invalid property 'course' of bean class

My Command class is like this

public class Course {
    private long id;
    private String owner;
    private String title;
    private List<LearningActivity> activity = new ArrayList<LearningActivity>();

    //getters and setters

public class LearningActivity {
private long ID;
private String activity;
    private String link;

    //getters and setters
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Your list either needs to be pre-populated with as many LearningActivity objects as you plan to refer to (using activity[0], activity[1], etc.) or it needs to be a lazy list. A lazy list is a list that will populate itself with empty objects when a given index is referenced.

A comment indicates that you're trying to use Apache Commons LazyList, which ought to work -- are you missing an import directive? However, as an alternative there is a Spring lazy list implementation called AutoPopulatingList.

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Two possible issues here:

  1. activity.activity is invalid (unless your getters do not correspond to your member variables) because Course.activity is a list. You need to address a particular list element - e.g. activity[0].activity. You'll also have to make sure it actually exists.

  2. Have you configured your FormController correctly? Does it pass Course instance to view as it should? Take a look at Spring MVC tutorial for an example.

If after you've fixed #1 and verified that #2 is done correctly the error doesn't go away, please post more details (FormController mapping / source).

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I tried doing #1 but I get an IndexOutOfBoundsException. I found this tutorial: mattfleming.com/node/134 and tried doing List<LearningActivity> acitivity = LazyList.getList(new List<LearningActivity>()); but I get NoClassDefFoundError: org/mortbay/util/LazyList. I already tried putting the commons-collection.jar in my build path and in my web-inf/lib path but somehow the app still does not find i –  Jeune Sep 16 '09 at 5:09
You get IndexOutOfBounds because your list is empty. As I said above, you need to make sure that list element actually exists. Why are you using the list to begin with? Are you going to edit multiple activities on a single page? If so, you'll need to iterate over the list. If not, consider exposing current activity as a single-valued property. –  ChssPly76 Sep 16 '09 at 6:19
Got this to work! I used the Lazy List in jakarta commons to populate my list. Thanks! –  Jeune Sep 17 '09 at 11:14

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