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I am having trouble trying to show that certain numbers (product numbers) exist in an associative array. When I try this code, I always get "false".


$products = array(
    '1000' => array('name' => 'Gibson Les Paul Studio',
                    'price' => 1099.99),
    '1001' => array('name' => 'Fender American Standard Stratocaster',
                    'price' => 1149.99),
    '1002' => array('name' => 'Jackson SL1 USA Soloist',
                    'price' => 2999.99)

if (in_array('1001', $products)) {
    echo "true";
} else {
    echo "false";

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

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You're looking for array_key_exists(), not in_array(), since you are searching for a specific key, not searching the values:

if( array_key_exists('1001', $products))
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That is exactly what I needed! I am pretty new to all the built-in php functions. Thanks! –  thomaskessel Jan 12 '13 at 20:30

You cannot use in_array() here (checks if a value exists in an array).

Try array_key_exists() (checks if the given key or index exists in the array).

if (array_key_exists('1001', $products)) {
    echo "true";
} else {
    echo "false";

You can even check for key existance with isset() and empty().

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Thank you for explaining it to me! That helps me out a lot. –  thomaskessel Jan 12 '13 at 23:33

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