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I love ipython, especially the notebook feature. I currently keep a screen session running with the notebook process in it. How would I add ipython's notebook engine/webserver to my system's (CentOS5) startup procedures?

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Maybe put something like:

cd /path/to/notebookdir && ipython notebook --no-browser &

in /etc/rc.d/rc.local? That's the 'easy' way, fine I think if it's just your personal machine, but if it's a 'real' server you should probably do a full Sys V-init thing; see this question for more

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I assume you don't want to run the program as root. So this is my modified version that runs as <username> (put in /etc/rc.local before the exit 0 line):

su <username> -c "/usr/bin/ipython notebook --no-browser --profile <profilename> &"

You can check to make sure your ipython is at that path with which ipython. Though you may just be able to get away with not putting the full path.

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