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I am trying to serve static contents via nginx & rails using X-Accel-Redirect. My actual static content directory located at rails root folder like this

  - "rails_root\books\sources\:book_id\remaining_path".

only the rails_root\books\sources is constant, remaining part always changing. ex


i tried setting up the nginx using the following configuration

    location ~ /readbook/*./.* {
      alias /home/vooodoo/work/reader/books/sources/$1/$2;

    location / {
      proxy_redirect    off;

      proxy_set_header  Host              $http_host;
      proxy_set_header  X-Real-IP         $remote_addr;
      proxy_set_header  X-Forwarded-For   $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;

       proxy_set_header  X-Sendfile-Type   X-Accel-Redirect;
      proxy_set_header  X-Accel-Mapping   /readbook/=/home/vooodoo/work/reader/books/sources/;


it successfully detects the request and passing it to the rails. on rails am doing

 class ReaderController < ApplicationController
        def resource
           send_file "#{Rails.root}/books/sources/"+ params[:id] + "/" + params[:resource] + "." + params[:format]

It returns the file info back to nginx, but seems rails doesnt understand the X-Accel-Mapping of my config. so when nginx trying to read the file, this error happens

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/home/voodoo/work/reader/books/sources/229/OPS/cover.xml"):

I strongly believe this is due to the incorrect X-Accel-Mapping in nginx. But cant figure out what. can someone help me out. I am struck with this for last few hours.

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were you able to find the solution? – Sheharyar Apr 1 '14 at 7:23

I believe /readbook=/... should be ...=/readbook/.

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Your X-Accel-Mapping configuration is wrong, try this:

location ~ /readbook/*./.* {
  alias /home/vooodoo/work/reader/books/sources/$1/$2;

location / {
  proxy_set_header X-Sendfile-Type X-Accel-Redirect;
  proxy_set_header X-Accel-Mapping /home/vooodoo/work/reader/books/sources/=/readbook/;
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