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Is there a way to access data on the right hand side of Google results programmatically?

Are there similar services around? Specifically for location data

Access = No html scraping

Here is an example: enter image description here

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Google's Knowledge Graph

The example in your question comes from Google's Knowledge Graph.

The Short Life of the Open Knowledge Graph provides a good explanation why Google's Knowledge Graph data is not publicly available and why the project is shutting down.

[Jack Menzel, a Product Management Director at Google,] explained that there was a couple of specific reasons why Google couldn’t “participate” in the Open Knowledge Graph project. First, some of the data in the Google Knowledge Graph are from closed datasets acquired from sources that did not granted Google the rights to redistribute them. Some other datasets have more open licenses, but still have share-alike or attribution constraints. Second, he reminded that – by principle – Google was blocking any kind of automatic extraction allowing to collect information about its search and ranking technologies because “they were the proprietary cores of what Google provides”.

Alternative Solutions

I tried to list in order of your preference for location data.

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