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I am scraping a website, and I need to get the numerical values from this HTMLdocument:

<span style=" color: red; font-weight: bold;"> 1.950</span>
<td> 3.400</td>

I need to extract both 1.950 and 3.400, but I can't figure out how to do it, when the one value is only in a , but the other one has a span as well. Is there a general way to get both the parent and the child of the path? I am using the scrapy framework with the HtmlXPathSelector. I can use the path /td/text() for one, and /td/span/text() for the other, but I need to do it in one query. How can this be achieved?

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You can try with : /td//text() to select every text node that are descendants of a td

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I think you have two ways to solve the issue.

With Xpath


and the other is to iterate all tds (but this could be nasty)

I will give you an example with Xpath

span_text = hxs.select("/td/span/text()")
next = span_text.select('following-sibling::node()') #you should get 3.400 (or with this idea :P)

if you have this xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <span style=" color: red; font-weight: bold;">1.950</span> 

and you execute this xpath expression :


you will get 3.400

this is a good place to test xpath

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You can try this


It will extract all text without any html tags

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