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db.collection('users', function(err, users)
    if (!err)
        users.update({company:cursor[i].name}, {$set:{active:false}}, function() {});

cursor[i].name has a string value and it displays fine when I console.log() it.

The document is not being updated. I am using a remote database in MongoHQ and running a Node.js server with the native mongodb driver. If I run the query on the shell while connected to the same database it works fine.

EDIT: I used an int instead of false and it worked fine. Can I insert booleans into mongodb? If so, how?

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What you're doing should work fine for an int or a boolean. – JohnnyHK Jan 13 '13 at 5:15

Tested it with 1.2.9 of the driver and it works fine.

exports.shouldUpdateCorrectlyWithBoolean = function (test) {
  var db = new Db(MONGODB, new Server("", 27017,
    {auto_reconnect: false, poolSize: 1}), {w: 1, native_parser: false}); (err, db) {
    db.collection('update_with_boolean').insert({company: 'a'}, function(err, result) {
      test.equal(null, err);

      db.collection('update_with_boolean').update({company: 'a'}, {$set: {active:false}}, function(err, result) {
        test.equal(null, err);
        test.equal(1, result);

        db.collection('update_with_boolean').findOne(function(err, item) {
          test.equal(null, err);

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