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How to get file name without the extension?

I have a list of xml files and I'm trying to return just the file name without the extension. For example, if I have:

String filename = "hello.xml";

How would I return just "hello" with the fact the file names vary?

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String filenameSansExt = filename.replaceAll("\\.[^.]*", "");
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Using substring() is more efficient rather than using replaceAll() with regex, or any other regex.

Both answers are not quite satisfactory:

  • regex is too slow, but correct
  • lastIndexOf() will throw an exception when '.' is not there (index -1)

Correct answer has to check index of lastIndexOf().

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-1 for too slow FUD –  Jarrod Roberson Jan 13 '13 at 2:18

You can use the substring function for strings in java. You would start at 0 (the beginning of the string) and end before the 4th to last character (".")

String filename = "hello.xml";
String filename2 = filename.substring(0, filename.length() - 4);
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what happens when there is no extension or the extension is longer than 3 characters + a .? Not to mention filenames that are < 4 characters? –  Jarrod Roberson Jan 13 '13 at 2:12

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