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I have been developing an 32 bit operating system and I want to allow programs to separate segments from the kernel. To do that I need to make SS, and DS registers actually point to the programs stack and .data section. From my research I believe this is done through setting up a local descriptor table. I am assuming this is very similar to the GDT and the LDT is loaded through lldt. However I do not get how I use this once my segments are set up. Could anyone explain or if there is any documentation or tutorials share it with me?

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No, there's no need to set up a separate LDT just to set up userspace SS/CS/DS segment descriptors.

It's possible to do that just saving registers state in interrupt handlers and using an entry for task selector in GDT (it is required by CPU to loookup a kernel-space SS of the process to go into an interrupt from userspace).

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Well, you can't find better tutorial than Intel manual. Really, find Intel 80386 programming manual (386 manual is shorter and imho better written than newer ones; it has main spots you need). Or IA32 programming manual from Intel website. It has all information you are searching for.

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