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A task sets its progress by calling updateProgress(), and having a GUI widget like a ProgressIndicator having its progressProperty bound to the task's progressProperty. However, the article here also mentions calling updateMessage in Example 5 but the example is incomplete.

It is not clear to me where/how the message is displayed since there is no message property in ProgressIndicator nor ProgressBar to bind it to. I see that Task inherits message property from Worker class.

But how will the GUI get a hold of it and perform the binding since Task is visible only to Service?

I couldn't find working examples of this. In the Ensemble sample, the Service example has a ProgressIndicator but again, no message is updated.

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I am able to use myController.service.messageProperty() to access the messageProperty of Task.


Note that this does an overwrite of, rather than an appending to, the TextArea.

To do an append, one must bind a ChangeListener to the message property instead.

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