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I built a WordPress site on a subdomain at Bluehost and everything works perfectly. You can see it at envecreative.com/shamass. Then I moved it to the client's hosting at GoDaddy and things went haywire. All the very simple pages work as expected, but a grid on the homepage generates multiple errors. And if you go to any links that are meant to dynamically populate using the CRED / Types plugin, they run Warning error after error or just never load.



I've tried disabling and re-enabling plugins; I've tried searching the code; I've googled the errors; I called GoDaddy support (ugh); everything I can think of. I'm presenting the site to the board on Monday morning and I have no confidence that I can get this sorted. Does anyone have any ideas?

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You could try increasing maximum execution time as outlined on this post.


Failing this you may want to recommend alternative hosting.

Hope this helps ;)

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Thanks for the response. I re-uploaded the forms and that fixed that, and then I hid the Warnings through wp-config and that fixed that. Thank you, GoDaddy, for being awesome always. :) – user1973338 Jan 13 '13 at 5:37

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