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I'm using a IPython notebook to write a program using pygame library. Here, I want to import an image file to the programme. Following is the code piece I would have used.

car = pygame.image.load('car.jpg')

But to do this, the image has to be in the same directory as the python file. Where are these IPython notebook files saved? Or is there any other way I can import this file to program in IPython notebook?

I'm using windows 7.

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There are an number of ways to change directories or specify full paths:

  • IPython understands the cd command to change directories (if 'automagic' is enabled; use %cd if not), or
  • use os.chdir, or
  • specify a path:



    import os
    load(os.path.expanduser('~/path/to/car.jpg')) # relative to user's home directory


     IMAGEDIR = '/path/to/images'
     load(os.path.join(IMAGEDIR, 'car.jpg'))

Although cd is convenient while working in IPython, for your program you are better off specifying a full path to car.jpg.

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