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Does anyone have a sample java code that does a scan operation on dynamoDB table where the scan operation uses only certain percentage of the throughput limit ? Thanks in advance.

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I know elastic map reduce can do this. – greg Jan 14 '13 at 18:04

Yesterday we published a blog post on how to do Rate Limited Scans in Amazon DynamoDB on the AWS Java Developer Blog. I'm not sure what programming language you're using, but if you're using Java, this approach, which uses the GoogleGuava RateLimiter class, could work for you. But Greg's earlier reply is also correct. If you're using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, the DynamoDB plugin supports a configurable read and write throughput percent to limit itself to when scanning your table. DynamoDB's Amazon Redshift integration also has this setting.

Here is a snippet from the blog post that shows how to perform a paginated Scan that limits itself to consuming 25 read capacity units per second using RateLimiter and the AWS SDK for Java:

// Initialize the rate limiter to allow 25 read capacity units / sec
RateLimiter rateLimiter = RateLimiter.create(25.0);

// Track how much throughput we consume on each page
int permitsToConsume = 1;

// Initialize the pagination token
Map<String, AttributeValue> exclusiveStartKey = null;

do {
    // Let the rate limiter wait until our desired throughput "recharges"

    // Do the scan
    ScanRequest scan = new ScanRequest()
    ScanResult result = dynamodb.scan(scan);
    exclusiveStartKey = result.getLastEvaluatedKey();

    // Account for the rest of the throughput we consumed,
    // now that we know how much that scan request cost
    double consumedCapacity = result.getConsumedCapacity().getCapacityUnits();
    permitsToConsume = (int)(consumedCapacity - 1.0);
    if(permitsToConsume <= 0) {
        permitsToConsume = 1;

    // Process results here

} while (exclusiveStartKey  != null);
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thanks for posting this. It is exactly what I am looking for. – CruncherBigData Jun 14 '13 at 17:39
Why -1.0 in this line ? permitsToConsume = (int)(consumedCapacity - 1.0); – Mike Apr 20 '15 at 17:35

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