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I'm trying to adapt a template for my website. I'm no CSS guru, but I'm trying to find a way to change images on a timer. Problem is, the template is CSS and I don't know how to make a very simple slideshow. I'd just like to change the image every 5 seconds or so.

Here's what I have in the html file:

<div id="mainPicture">
  <div class="picture">
    <div id="headerTitle">Header Text</div>
     <div id="headerSubtext">Header Subtext</div>

Here's the CSS stuff:


#mainPicture .picture

Any way to change the image url every few seconds to a different file?

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How do you have these urls for all these different images stored? Is it in an array in JavaScript? Do you call a webService to get the 'next' image? – Sanchit Jan 13 '13 at 4:59
Try googling for "jquery image slideshow" – oomlaut Jan 13 '13 at 5:00

That is not possible with just CSS. you need to leverage some sort of JavaScript to get this done as you said after an Interval of 5 seconds. You might want to use setTimeout() function. I had writted a script to change the background color of the page using JavaSCript. You might want to leverage this to change the image instead of the background color:

Here is the link:

And below is the DEMO:

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I would suggest looking into some of the CSS3 properties, if it has to be strictly CSS. Otherwise I would look into Jquery.

Here is a link to CSS3

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