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How do I make changes to the Home page in WordPress? When I go to the website URL ( it has a Home screen that I would like to make changes to, but I can't find it anywhere in WordPress. All of the other links on the Home page I can find and update/control in WP, but not the Home page which is set as the default theme. I even deleted another page in WP but it still appears on the Home screen which I can't locate to edit it. How do I find it?

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Stackexchange has a special site for wordpress: – Eelke Jan 13 '13 at 7:59
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I suggest you read the Wordpress Codex on creating / editing themes and templates:

In most cases the home page is controlled by the index.php file within a theme.

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I just had a quick look and it looks as if it is set to the default - showing the last 10 posts (even though you currently only have one post).

If you don't want to display posts on the front page you could create a new "Page" called "Home" and then go to:

Settings -> Reading -> Select "Front page displays a static page" and then select "Home" from the dropdown menu.

Hope this helps ;)

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I suggest you read up on the Template Hierarchy.

If these files (home.php, index.php, front-page.php) don't exist in your theme folder; WordPress will use the ones in the default theme.

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