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So I have particular gems that I want to run on Mac OSX, some that I want to run on Linux and some that I want to run on Windows for my different development environments due to specific dependencies with those machines but I'm not sure how to do this in a gemfile.

Is there a way to set out a specific group (ie. :group => Linux, :group => macosx, etc.) in a Gemfile for different environments?


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I ended up just installing all the gems, rather than just the gems I needed for each individual environment. I guess potentially you could set the gems up in different :groups in the Gemfile and then build using Bundler in each environment with --without {xyz env Gem's} but that was more hassle than it was worth. I think having the added gems bloated my application a bit, but at this point it is just nice to have it working on all my different environments.

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I have not personally done this but there is information on doing it:

Google, Similar on SO, SO again

Hope these help.

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