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I'm implementing my website by using asp.net and C#. I have my own membership system with roles, activities and users.

I'm using nested master page, Main.master is parent master page and Sub.master is child master page. My Login page is using Sub.master but user menu is in Master.master.

My question is Is there any solution to check authentication and authorization for all content page instead of doing this in each content page?

And also I no have idea for change culture of my website in this structure.

I've read about master page content page life cycle but I got confused. I don't know which method is better for authentication. I mean Page_Init, Pre_Init, Page_Load of parent master page child master page or content page.

I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice.

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The proper way is to use the <authorize> tag in the web.config.

If you do want to do it yourself then you should look at the Application.Authenticate event. Make sure to allow exceptions for Login and Register pages.

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