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Does anyone know of such a library that performs mathematical optimization (linear programming, convex optimization, or more general types of problems)? I'm looking for something like MATLAB, but with the ability to handle larger problems. Do I have to write my own implementations, or buy one of those commercial products (CPLEX and the like)?

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A good answer is dependent on what you mean by "convex" and "more general" If you are trying to solve large or challenging linear or convex-quadratic optimization problems (especially with a discrete component to them), then it's hard to beat the main commercial solvers, gurobi, cplex and Dash unless money is a big issue for you. They all have clean JNI interfaces and are available on most major platforms. There's an interesting java-based modeling environment called optimj, that allows you to hook into several optimizers, but it requires a license for itself and whatever solvers you get (but there are some free solvers).

The coin-or project has several optimizers and have a project for JNI interface. It is totally free (EPL license), but will take more work to set-up and probably not give you the same performance.

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There is a linear optimization tool called lpsolve. It's written in C (I think) but comes with a Java/JNI wrapper (API is not very OO but it does the job). It's pretty easy to use and I have had it running quite happily and stably in a live system for the last year.

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You may try JOptimizer, open source and suitable for general convex optimization problems (linear programming, quadratic programming, qcqp, cone programming, semidefinite programming, ect

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You may want to look at JScience, it looks pretty complete. (Mathematical structures, linear algebra solving, etc.)

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Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately JScience stops short of actually implementing optimization algorithms. – Zach Scrivena Sep 27 '08 at 5:13

OptaPlanner (Java, open source, ASL) can handle large problems and doesn't have an constraint type limitations (such as linear vs convex).

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Look into AMPL. The basic edition is free, but it costs money for larger problems. You don't pay for the language; you pay for solvers. It is also possible to upload your code and have it run on their servers.

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how is AMPL a good solution for a java environment. – David Nehme Sep 28 '08 at 18:22

IPOPT has an interface for Java. You may also be able to adapt the APMonitor modeling language for Java. I develop this platform so I'll be glad to work with someone if they'd like to create a new interface to Java. It already has a Python API and MATLAB interface and includes solvers such as IPOPT, APOPT, BPOPT, and others that can handle large-scale systems.

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