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I was wondering whether it is possible to set a property inside jQuery's animate based on some criteria. Example:

    var condition = offL > ((wW / 2) - $this.width());
    tooltip.css(function () {
      if (condition) {
        return '"right", "auto"';
      } else {
        return '"left", "auto"';
      "top": $this.offset().top + (posT / 2) - (tooltip.height() / 2),
      if (condition) {
        return '"left":"offL - tooltip.width() - 30"';
      } else {
        return '"right", "offR - tooltip.width() - 30"';
    }, 300).fadeTo(200, 1);

(tooltip and other vars are defined earlier.)

This does not work, obviously. But, how would one go about if he needs to use conditional arguments inside functions?

Another side question, is my usage of my condition as a var correct?

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You don't, you build out a variable to hold the data you need. –  Ohgodwhy Jan 13 '13 at 9:14

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Simply made the decision before the animation. for exampaple:

var properties = {}
if(condtion) {
  properties = {left: someThing};
  properties = {prop1: value1, prop2: value2};

and yes, your usage of condition is correct.

var condition = offL > ((wW / 2) - $this.width());

will be evaluated to true or false since its a condition ;)

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