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I have a Wix install project in Visual Studio 2012 and have an xml node like

<MsiPackage ... DownloadUrl="">

I want to change the url depending on the build configuration. i.e. in uat I want it to be and in release

Is this possible, and if so how do I do it?

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Your WiX project has access to build parameters, like the Configuration (debug or release). You can conditionally include the correct DownloadUrl for the current configuration by referencing $(var.Configuartion) in your component declarations:

Not tested this but something similar should work:

 <?if $(var.Configuartion) = Release?>
 <?define DownloadUrl = "" ?>
 <?elseif $(var.Configuartion) = Debug?>
 <?define DownloadUrl = "" ?>     
 <?endif ?>

 <MsiPackage ... DownloadUrl="$(var.DownloadURL)">
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