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I developed a component on backend, and now I faced a problem that I can't see a system message after data is updated. I suppose I had misses something like a message box or some code but still can't define exactly what it is. Can anybody tell me which data is nessesary to get those messages?

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// Get a handle to the Joomla! application object
$application = JFactory::getApplication();

// Add a message to the message queue
$application->enqueueMessage(JText::_('SOME_ERROR_OCCURRED'), 'error');

/** Alternatively you may use chaining */
JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage(JText::_('SOME_ERROR_OCCURRED'), 'error');

The second argument to the enqueueMessage function is the type of the message. The default is 'message', but 'error' results in a different style for the message. The message will be displayed in place of a special jdoc:include statement in your template. Place the following in your template at the location where you want messages to appear.

<jdoc:include type="message" />

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Thanx, Dasun, just I wanted to know! –  srgg6701 Jan 15 '13 at 19:02

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