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Can anyone help me how can i connect micromax funbook P300 to my windowns 7 PC.

Tried updating tablet drivers using driver manager, but it was unable to find drivers for tablet online too.

Please let me know any drivers required for this to connect my micromax funbook to windows pc.

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The answer to this SO question also has a reference to a rar file that contains a driver. Seems to have worked for others there. –  hack_on Mar 10 '13 at 23:14

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Download the adb drivers only from here...

After downloading follow these instructions:

RightClick on MyComputer > Manage > Device Manager > RightClick on Android > Update Driver Software
Goto Browse my computer and enter the extracted location of above folder..

Click continue Anyway if asked for installing non certified driver

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Not supporting Windows8 –  Sayka Feb 9 at 8:18

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