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We are implementing into our video player the VAST 2.0 png/jpeg banner overlay and the mid-roll video advertisement.

My question is: From where the time information comes when (during the movie or series episode watching) the mid-roll video should be played or the overlay banner should be displayed. I was expecting the VAST XML has already that information included, but it seems that it should be either player decision or it comes from other source - e.g. it is specified within the movie metadata downloaded from OTT server.

Second question: What is the typical mid-roll video behaviour? Is the advertisement played in specific point in time, which means when user jumps in video (using FF/RW on his remote control) I have to play mid-roll (this can be pretty annoying) or I simply count the time the user watches the video and when it is over defined value the mid-roll video is played.

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The link may be helpful:

This is a simple VAST xml file. The id of this advertisement is "pre-roll:0.0-0". The test shows that it can be downloaded from the following link:

As you can see, the player parses this ad as a pre-roll ad.

So, VAST xml publisher can define what are the: ad type, pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll in ad ID tag.

Maybe, the type can be defined in other tags in VAST xml.

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btw, another example:

I think you could get information from these links and the links in my above answer

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