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On my ASP.net page I am assigning a session variable to a private property on Page_Load

private int userid{ get; set;} 

if (!IsPostBack)
   if (Session["userid"] != null)
       userid= int.Parse(Session["userid"].ToString());

And in my Add button click event I am using userid

protected void btnAdd_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Initially the value is retrieved and stored in userid property but in btnAdd_Click, the userid becomes 0. I moved the code out of if(!IsPostBack) block, that fixed the problem but left me wondering what set my userid property to zero once it is already set on page load. Not clear whether on button click a new instance of the page is returned or what? Any guidance?

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You could just remove the stuff from the page load, since the data is in the session, and just change the property to the following:

private int userid{ get{ return int.Parse(Session["userid"].ToString()); } } 
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