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I have Grunt.js all set up and I wrote my tests which I want to test using mocha-phantomjs.

I just need help to write a task that will run

$ mocha-phantomjs ./tests/index.html 

After some looking around I saw that there is a grunt task for running shell commands but isn't there a simpler way ?

I'm new to grunt. I saw that he recognises the grunt qunit command. Is it built in ? Can't there be something like that for mocha ? Do I have to require child_process and execute it ?

Update: using child_process and executing the command doesn't wait for the end result

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You can register test to a child process (like Yeoman is doing with Testacular):

 // Alias the `test` task to run `mocha-phantomjs` instead
  grunt.registerTask('test', 'run mocha-phantomjs', function () {
    var done = this.async();
    require('child_process').exec('mocha-phantomjs ./tests/index.html', function (err, stdout) {

In the terminal you then just run grunt test to execute the tests.

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I know this is old, but there is a grunt-mocha task that runs mocha tests in phantomjs.

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