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I am using VS2012 and EF5 first time. I developed application just like MVC3 , EF4.1 application without using any new feature. I already have a database , i created db context , models , controllers and views. Every thing was working fine. Then i created a new table Directorate in database , created its model and database mapping in dbcontext. While creating its controller i selected "MVC controller with read/write actions using Entity Framework" just as an experience to see what will happen. I selected my context and model. When i run the app it created a new table in db with the name DirectorateModel and also inserted mapping in context. As i already have created table and mapping so i deleted each new functionalities added due to this action i.e. i deleted table, context mapping , controller and views.

but now when i run the application then it gives error:

The model backing the 'ArchievingDBContext' context has changed since the database was created. Consider using Code First Migrations to update the database (

I visited the mentioned url but it is about code first migrations that i don't want to use. Anyone please help me how i can fix this issue, i think i hagve to delete something that was created due to selection of wrong scafolding option.

I just want my application to run in previously working state.

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you just need to set correct database initilizer:

Database.SetInitializer<YourContextType>(new CreateDatabaseIfNotExists())

and this work

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where i have to write this? and i don't want to create database because i already have. – Tanveer Jan 14 '13 at 15:19

You can fix it by calling:


in the Application_Start method of Global.asax

You don't want to be initializing on top of an existing database like that.

See: This Question

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Remove the Directorate entity from your .EDMX model and the controller/views you've created using scaffolding on it.

Change your database as you want and then go to the VS Model designer (just open your .EDMX model) and Update model from database and save changes.

Now you can add views/controllers by scaffolding without any concern...

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