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Im so stuck at this project. Can somebody please help me out here?

I have a PEM or DER private key. An existing key. How can I load this key with

PrivateKeyFactory.createKey or into an AsymmetricCipherKeyPair ?

I tried this:

InputStream inKey = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/samsjava/user_key_pk8.der");
                byte[] binKey = new byte[inKey.available()];
                inKey.read(binKey, 0, binKey.length);

                privKey = PrivateKeyFactory.createKey(binKey);
                keyPair = new AsymmetricCipherKeyPair(new AsymmetricKeyParameter(false), privKey);

                rsaPriv = (RSAPrivateCrtKeyParameters)keyPair.getPrivate();
                rsaPub = (RSAPrivateCrtKeyParameters)keyPair.getPublic();

Please help me out here. Cheers

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Ok since nobody could help me out with this, i tried the thing in Java, which should get me on the right track for J2ME. Here is the code:

public class EncrypDecrypt {
private RSAPrivateCrtKey rsaPriv;
private RSAPublicKey rsaPub;
private BASE64Decoder decoder;
private BASE64Encoder encoder;

public EncrypDecrypt(){
    decoder = new BASE64Decoder();
    encoder = new BASE64Encoder();
    byte[] buffer;
    try {
        FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream("pathtofile.pfx");
        KeyStore kStore = KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS12");
        kStore.load(in, null);

        PrivateKey privKeyEntry = (PrivateKey)kStore.getKey("Key Alias", null); 
        rsaPriv = (RSAPrivateCrtKey) privKeyEntry;
    } catch (Exception ex) {
        Logger.getLogger(EncrypDecrypt.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);

public String encrypt(String data){
        AsymmetricBlockCipher eng = new RSAEngine();
        eng = new PKCS1Encoding(eng);
        RSAKeyParameters publicKey = new RSAKeyParameters(true, rsaPriv.getModulus(), rsaPriv.getPublicExponent());
        eng.init(true, publicKey);

        byte[] encrypted = eng.processBlock(data.getBytes(), 0, data.getBytes().length);
        return encoder.encode(encrypted);
    catch(Exception err){
        return "";

public String decrypt(String data){
        byte[] encrypted = decoder.decodeBuffer(data);
        AsymmetricBlockCipher eng = new RSAEngine();
        eng = new PKCS1Encoding(eng);
        RSAKeyParameters privateKey = new RSAKeyParameters(true, rsaPriv.getModulus(), rsaPriv.getPrivateExponent());
        eng.init(false, privateKey);

        byte[] decrypted = eng.processBlock(encrypted, 0, encrypted.length);
        return new String(decrypted);
    catch(Exception err){
        return "";


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