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I just started using gxt 3 and I am stuck at displaying my objects in my treegrid. Actually the load handler is there to make the items from the request get put into the treegrid. Well, I am able to fetch the data over the wire but they wont get displayed.

So I probably miss something in my implementation. So if anyone has some helpful hints please help :P


private final RequestFactoryProxy<DataProxy, List<DataProxy>> proxy = new RequestFactoryProxy<DataProxy, List<DataProxy>>() {
public void load(DataProxy loadConfig, Receiver<? super List<DataProxy>> receiver) {

if(loadConfig == null) {

   // the two params I am passing from another view to fetch the appropriate entries.
   rf.myRequest().loadDataParents(param1, param2).fire(new Receiver<List<DataProxy>>() {
     public void onSuccess(List<DataProxy> response) {
        Info.display("Loading", response.size()+ " parents!"); <== response contains data!

   public void onFailure(com.google.web.bindery.requestfactory.shared.ServerFailure error) {

} else if (loadConfig != null) {
    DataRequest req = rf.myRequest();


public TreeGrid<DataProxy> getTreeGrid() {
    if (treeGrid == null) {
        treeGrid = new TreeGrid<DataProxy>(getTreeStore(), getColumnModel(), getNameConfig());
    return treeGrid;


private TreeLoader<DataProxy> loader = new TreeLoader<DataProxy>(proxy)  {           
protected DataProxy prepareLoadConfig(DataProxy config) {
        return super.prepareLoadConfig(config);
public boolean hasChildren(DataProxy parent) {
    return parent instanceof DataProxy;


public TreeStore<DataProxy> getTreeStore() {
if (treeStore == null) {
    treeStore = new TreeStore<DataProxy>(getCustomModelKeyProvider());
    loader.addLoadHandler(new ChildTreeStoreBinding<DataProxy>(treeStore));
return treeStore;
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I don't see in your example where you actually call the loader.load() method? You've added a load handler to the loader but I don't think you've actually fired it (unless that is just absent from the code samples provided). –  Bionic_Geek Feb 6 '13 at 15:50
sorry, I totally forgot to react on the comment. the above code works fine. the described behaviour was caused by a wrong initialization of a view which was created twice. /me hides –  metar Aug 7 '13 at 15:24

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