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Is it possible to send voice message using twilio? I need to record voice and send it to specific users from android.

I can send text message using Twilio send message API


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Yes, it's possible.

You'd first need to record a message - see docs/api/rest/recording and docs/quickstart/php/twiml/record-caller-leave-message for that.

Then, you'll need to play that recording back - see docs/api/rest/making-calls and docs/quickstart/php/rest/call-request for making calls. The previously mentioned docs/quickstart/php/twiml/record-caller-leave-message should also help with playing back the recording.

Some of this might be relevantly documented in the HowTo Voicemail documentation at docs/howto/voicemail.

You might also be able to do some/all of this with Twilio Client as opposed to Twilio Voice.

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