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Google Web Fonts Select Character Sets

Some fonts on Google Web Fonts support multiple "character sets". The thing is, if the web font I use only serves the "latin" glyphs, users who translate the page to a language whose glyphs aren't supported will clearly notice the messed up text.

I'd like my web fonts to support the most popular languages in the world aside from English, for example, Spanish, German, French, etc.

For this purpose, I'd like to know, which languages exactly, the "latin" and "latin-extended" cater to, individually.

I expect the answer to look like:

Latin Character Set & Supported Languages:

- ..........
- ..........
- ..........

Latin-Extended Character Set & Supported Languages:

- ..........
- ..........
- ..........

I couldn't find this info in Google Web Fonts documentation, or by Googling.

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Upon comparing alphabets, I can now say that the "latin" subset of a font supports at least English, Spanish, German and French, completely. –  its_me Jan 15 '13 at 10:49

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Languages support

See also charts of Latin1-Extended-A and Latin1-Extended-B characters.

Warning: not every font displays extended characters correctly, see this blog

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Do you know if "Latin-Extended" character set on Google Web Fonts includes both Latin1-Extended-A and Latin1-Extended-B characters, or just one of them? –  its_me Feb 26 at 3:44

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