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Is it possible to push an IPA to a device via the command line?

The IPA was built from the command line using xcodebuild and signed with a developer certificate. The device is not jail broken and was provisioned for development. In the case of a Bundle being delivered, I fix it up per Ad-Hoc and App Store IPAs with xcrun.

I am aware of fruitstrap. I don't want strip the App Bundle from the IPA (fruitstrap requirement), and I don't want the 'debug hook' provided by fruitstrap.

The question is similar to Install application in iphone device through command line, but I need Apple tools.

So far, I've only found manual methods using iTunes. (And as @fanneyward offered - mobile safari).

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You need to use iTunes, or you can put ipa on your server and install from Safari mobile directly. – fannheyward Jan 14 '13 at 9:24
Thanks @fanneyward. – jww Jan 14 '13 at 13:23

Look at his answer:

how to intall an ipa/app file into iPhone with command line?

the 3rd solution with libimobiledevice.

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If you would consider using Test Flight App for distributing builds to devices (it's not clear from your question whether it's just for yourself or for beta testers), Ray Wenderlich has a great post on Automated Testing that shows you how to automatically make Jenkins push builds to Test Flight. It's not exactly what you ask for, but definitely an okay alternative.

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