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I've just started using the Nokia Here API and it works great, but I've noticed that the maps disable pinch zoom on iOS, on both iPhone and iPad.

Here's an example:

Works fine across most browsers on a desktop, but pinch zooming is not possible on iOS. (Haven't tested on Android.) This happens even when I turn off the Behavior component.


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A basic pinch zoom functionality does exist in the HERE Maps API for Javascript - you just need to include the Behavior component as shown.

var map = new, {
    // initial center and zoom level of the map
    center: [52.51, 13.4],
    zoomLevel: 10,
    components: [
        // We add the behavior component to allow panning / zooming of the map

To take a couple of examples

If you don't include Behavior zoom will not work - here is an example

I've just tested the examples using an iPad and they work fine for me.

According to the browser support matrix the API will work on Safari 5+ and iOS 4+

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Sorry, I should have been more clear. My problem isn't zooming in on the map -- that works just fine, thanks to the behavior component you point out -- but pinch-zoom is disabled for the rest of the page. – Luke Seemann Jan 19 '13 at 14:45

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