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I have a load function and would like for the code to write some html into a div while it loads, and when it completes, to display the page. I saw some little writeups on the ajaxStart and ajaxComplete events, however I am not sure how to implement them.

Here is the jquery I am thinking of using, however not sure how to implement within the code I have currently…

    $('#content').html("Loading Content...");

Here is the current jquery I am using:

//Load content
    loadName = $(this).attr("id");
    $("#content").load("/content/" + loadName + ".php");
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If it's a single div and you would like to update its contents with a loading message/indicator, you can do so like this:

             .load("/content/" + loadName + ".php");

I wouldn't use the ajaxStart and ajaxStop/ajaxComplete global events unless you have a common loading indicator for all ajax calls. That said, it can be done as follows:

$("#loading").bind("ajaxStart", function(){
}).bind("ajaxStop", function(){

where the loading element is whatever you want to reveal during an ajax call.

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sometimes that content loads so fast, that the message Loading... doesn't even become visible.How do we set some time interval for that, so that users can see something is loading.... –  defau1t Sep 21 '12 at 5:13

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