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I am using FMDB for handling a sqlite db in my application built using rubymotion.

I want to encryt the database with SQLCipher and I am facing issues when I try using SQLCipher methods such as sqlite3_key ?

Has anyone tried out the same ?

**********adding :

When I try to encrypt the database using the sqlite3_key method offered by SQLCipher api , it throws and exception telling the method is not defined.

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Can you be more specific on the issues you face? Error messages? –  Jamon Holmgren Jan 14 '13 at 5:50

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I think you can do this by adding SQLCipher pod then using the FMDB FMDatabase.setKey method and without having to do write any C.

In the Rakefile

app.pods do
  pod 'FMDB'
  pod 'SQLCipher'

Then in your Database.rb

class Database
  def self.connection
    unless @connection
      @connection = FMDatabase.databaseWithPath(db_path)
      @connection.traceExecution = true if $debug
      @connection.setKey 'MySecretKey'

Now you should be able to query the db with

Database.connection.executeSelect 'SELECT * from some_table'
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yep I did that already after going through the many hits and trials ! –  AaShish Upadhyay Jan 22 '13 at 22:39

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