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Here is code I have written to get feed from 2 webcams and get a running disparity map. code::blocks returns -1 for this, my webcams lights flash, but nothing happens.

I need it to loop until I press 'q'.

// Live depthmap

#include "cv.h" 
#include "cxmisc.h"
#include "highgui.h"
#include "cvaux.h"
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>
#include <stdio.h> 
#include <ctype.h>

using namespace std;

int main(void) {

//Setup for finding stereo correspondences
CvStereoBMState *BMState = cvCreateStereoBMState();
assert(BMState != 0);

IplImage *frameL = 0;
IplImage *frameR = 0;

CvCapture *captureL = 0;
CvCapture *captureR = 0;

char key = 's';

//Initialize left and right camera
captureL = cvCaptureFromCAM(0);
captureR = cvCaptureFromCAM(1);

CvSize imageSize = {640,480};

// preparing matrices
CvMat* img1r = cvCreateMat( imageSize.height,
    imageSize.width, CV_8UC1 );
CvMat* img2r = cvCreateMat( imageSize.height,
    imageSize.width, CV_8UC1 );
CvMat* disp = cvCreateMat( imageSize.height,
    imageSize.width, CV_16S );
CvMat* vdisp = cvCreateMat( imageSize.height,
    imageSize.width, CV_8U );
CvMat* img1rnew = cvCreateMat( imageSize.height,
    imageSize.width, CV_8UC1 );
CvMat* img2rnew = cvCreateMat( imageSize.height,
    imageSize.width, CV_8UC1 );

//loading in mapx and mapy xml
CvMat *mx1 = (CvMat *)cvLoad("mx1.xml",NULL,NULL,NULL);
CvMat *my1 = (CvMat *)cvLoad("my1.xml",NULL,NULL,NULL);
CvMat *mx2 = (CvMat *)cvLoad("mx2.xml",NULL,NULL,NULL);
CvMat *my2 = (CvMat *)cvLoad("my2.xml",NULL,NULL,NULL);

//loop till 'q' is entered
while( key != 'q' ){
    frameL = cvQueryFrame(captureL);
    frameR = cvQueryFrame(captureR);

    IplImage* img1=frameL;
    IplImage* img2=frameR;

    // cloning img for remap
    img1r=(CvMat *)cvCloneImage(img1);
    img2r=(CvMat *)cvCloneImage(img2);

    // remapping
    cvRemap( img1, img1r, mx1, my1 );
    cvRemap( img2, img2r, mx2, my2 );

    // bm needs mat of type CV_8UC1
    cvConvertImage(img1r, img1rnew, 0);
    cvConvertImage(img2r, img2rnew, 0);

    //block matching
    cvFindStereoCorrespondenceBM( img1rnew, img2rnew, disp,

    cvNormalize( disp, vdisp, 0, 256, CV_MINMAX );

            // show disparity map live from cam
    cvNamedWindow( "disparity" );
    cvShowImage( "disparity", vdisp );

    // housekeeping
    cvReleaseImage( &img1 );
    cvReleaseImage( &img2 );
// housekeeping

cvReleaseMat( &mx1 );
cvReleaseMat( &my1 );
cvReleaseMat( &mx2 );
cvReleaseMat( &my2 );
cvReleaseMat( &img1r );
cvReleaseMat( &img2r );
cvReleaseMat( &disp );


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From your code it seems you are getting live feed @ 640x480 from both cams...now that is a good amount of load on the USB bandwidth...so check whether your OS supports simultaneous streaming of both cams..if necessary feed at 320x240... –  rotating_image Jan 13 '13 at 16:13
i get out of sync feed at 320*240 as well. i was thinking about buying a usb 3, 4 port, pci express card to see if it works better. –  Jaysin Koregaokar Jan 13 '13 at 16:52
my os is linux. –  Jaysin Koregaokar Jan 13 '13 at 16:59
I had the same problem of streaming two web cams simultaneously on Ubuntu 12.04 –  rotating_image Jan 13 '13 at 17:00
how did you manage to solve it? –  Jaysin Koregaokar Jan 13 '13 at 17:04

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