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Do you know if permissions are working on the simulator? I request access, but can't see my application in Pricacy settings, also I do get back an array of all the contacts, etc. And according to my code access has been already granted. Is this a simulator issue?

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The iOS6 release notes (see here) clearly state that no privacy alerts are displayed for apps that access Photos, Contacts, Calendar, and Reminders.

You must test privacy on a real device.

Simulator limitations quoted from the iOS 6 release notes:

* No privacy alerts are displayed in iOS Simulator for apps that access Photos, Contacts, Calendar, and Reminders.
* For this release, iOS Simulator does not support testing In-App Purchase. Please use a device to test your apps that use this feature.
* When attempting to play an MP3 sound in Simulator, you will hear a popping sound instead.
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It should be noted that iOS 7 does prompt for Contacts permissions. I can't say with certainty if it prompts for anything else. –  Horak Nov 23 '13 at 1:16

I wouldn't count on the simulator. I have myself experienced issues with the simulator and in regards with asking Calendar/Addressbook permissions. To be on the safe side I would recommend that you test against a real device.

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