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I have a database with 3 tables in an android aplication (produtos, lista and items). But when a try to make a query I get the exception 'no such table items.'

The code of my DatabaseHelper:

    public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db)

        db.execSQL("CREATE TABLE lista(" +
                    "id INT AUTO_INCREMENT, " +
                    "nome VARCHAR(50), " +
                    "data VARCHAR(10), " +
                    "total REAL, " +
                    "primary key(id));");

        db.execSQL("CREATE TABLE items( " +
                    "id INT AUTO_INCREMENT, " +
                    "lista INT, " +
                    "produto INT, " +
                    "valor REAL, " +
                    "primary key(id));");

        db.execSQL("CREATE TABLE produtos(" +
                "id INT AUTO_INCREMENT, " +
                "descricao VARCHAR(100), " +                
                "primary key(id));");

I get the exception in this part of the code:

String sql = "SELECT i.id, i.valor, i.lista, p.descricao " +
                       "FROM items i " +
                       "INNER JOIN produtos p " +
                       "ON (i.produto = p.id) " +
                       "WHERE (items.lista = ?)";

            Cursor cursor = banco.rawQuery(sql, new String[]{String.valueOf(lista)}); //the exception
                Item i = new Item();
        catch(SQLiteException e)
            Toast.makeText(contexto, e.getMessage(), 100000).show();

I create the two other tables and I have no problem with them while quering, I think the error is in the query string but I don't know why.

The strange thing is that apparently I can insert in this table.

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Try using "WHERE (i.lista = ?)"

You assigned an alias to 'items'.

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I tried it but it did not work, the exception is the same... – Danilo Silva Jan 13 '13 at 16:47

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