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Possible Duplicate:
JProgressBar wont update

So I am trying to show the download progress of a file being downloaded in Java. I can output the current percentage as a String to the console, but when I try to update the UI, it freezes until the download is complete.

    public void downloadFile(String fileName) {
    try {
       long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();

       System.out.println("Connecting to site...\n");

       URL url = new URL("http://assets.minecraft.net/"+fileName+"/minecraft.jar");
       URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
        try (InputStream reader = url.openStream(); FileOutputStream writer = new FileOutputStream("minecraft.jar")) {
            byte[] buffer = new byte[153600];
            int totalBytesRead = 0;
            int bytesRead = 0;
            int totalSize = connection.getContentLength();


            while ((bytesRead = reader.read(buffer)) > 0) {  
               writer.write(buffer, 0, bytesRead);
               buffer = new byte[153600];
               totalBytesRead += bytesRead;
               System.out.println(totalBytesRead*100/totalSize+"% complete");

            long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis();

            System.out.println("Done. " + (new Integer(totalBytesRead).toString()) + " bytes read (" + (new Long(endTime - startTime).toString()) + " millseconds).\n");
    catch (MalformedURLException e) {
    catch (IOException e) {

I read somewhere that you need to use another thread but I was unable to successfully do that.

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This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

One option would be using SwingWorker. Here are some useful answers you may consider:

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