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I want to include a file, based on a value I get from my database. Inside class page in page.php I have this function to get the data I want :

function getPage(){
    return $page;

And in pageview.php I call it like this : $elements=$page->getPage(); The function works just fine and I get my content , which I can manipulate like this for example(I know heredox is not the way to go but please ignore it, it's not the problem) :

 echo <<<EOT
    <div class='row-fluid'>
    <H1> title:$elements[title]</H1></br>

Now here comes the problem. I have a function called includeModule, which is like this :

function includeModule($page){


    if(file_exists("modules/".$page."php")) include("/modules/".$page."php");
    else Echo "No such Module Exists :".$page." </br>";


Now lets say I want to include a page named "tax.php". If I use include("/modules/tax.php)"; it works just fine. If I try though to use include("/modules/".$elements[module].".php)"; it does nothing ( an yes $elements[module] does contain only the word "tax" ). I even tried assigning the value of $elements[module] to another variable but nothing.

The strangest part of all is that if I try to use my function ( includeModule), even if I manually set the $page variable to "tax", it still doe not include anything and says that the file does not exist ( even though it does) ?

Any help on this ?

edit: i already tried removing the / but if i do it includes nothing again

edit: i've change the function a litle so i can get some feedback

        echo "<p>file exists</p>";
        echo getcwd();
         Echo "<p>No such Module Exists :".$page."</p>";

OK solved. thanks for all the answers. By my mistake the trailing slash as well as the dot right before the php extension were left out . thanks for helping :)

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You're using relative paths so it's going to depend on the current working directory to find your files (in addition to your include_path). You can check to make sure it's correct and what you're expecting by using the getcwd() function. – nickb Jan 13 '13 at 17:34
modules/page.php != /modules/page.php! (well, probably not anyway) Check your absolute path – Michael Berkowski Jan 13 '13 at 17:34
$elements[module] Quote your array keys correctly too, $elements['module'] to avoid nasty errors. – Cups Jan 13 '13 at 17:36
@Cups $elements[module] is correct when including in a parsed string (but nowhere else). – Popnoodles Jan 13 '13 at 17:38
Well, I will go away and look that up, new on me! Cheers. ps here is a reference in case anyone else makes the same error as me – Cups Jan 13 '13 at 17:39

if i use include("modules/tax.php)"; it works just fine.

In your code, you're using

         ^-- Note the leading / 

Try removing the /

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You are seeing if "modules/".$page."php" exists but trying to include "/modules/".$page."php" which are probably not the same things (notice the leading / on the latter).

if(file_exists("modules/".$page."php")) include("modules/".$page."php");
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OK ive solved it thanks guys:) each answer was helpfull :) ( the answer was a combination of your answers+a litle more atttention needed from me . I forgot the . right before the php extension .. lolz.. guess when you are tired you have to take a litle break off word in order to be able to concetrate right ). thanks again guys :)

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