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My site takes a long time to load the homepage, and I'm thinking it's because I have GoDaddy pointing to my hosting provider Bluehost, which then points to my Heroku app.

So the flow is GoDaddy -> Bluehost -> Heroku.

I want to cut out Bluehost and simply point the nameservers to Heroku. However, I'm not quite sure how to do that.

Because I don't have hosting with GoDaddy, it does not let me add CNAME records.

Has anyone done this? Do I need a special add-on to do this?

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Are you sure it's the DNS lookups that ate taking the time? It seems unlikely that they'd make a noticeable difference. Test it by adding an entry in your hosts file directly to Heroku, and see if its any faster. – Ben Jan 13 '13 at 21:51

Though it is a old question I am trying to add an answer so that it would help future visitors

First of all as @Ben mentioned the slowness could be something else

To point Godaddy domain to Heroku you dont need a hosting with Godaddy.

Once you login to the GoDaddy account and navigate to your domains page.

click on the domain you are interested in to launch to get the Domain Details page. Once on this page you can see on top second menu item DNS, click on this to go to DNS Manager

on DNS Manager you can click on Edit Zone for the specific domain, this will open the page to show you all CNAME , A (Host) entries for your domain, where you can add new CNAME or A entries.

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How often is your app asleep? The DNS resolution may not be the snappiest, but if you are usually waking up a Heroku app, that will take much longer than wait for the name to resolve.

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