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I have a set of projects with pure C and Cobol code, I am looking for a continuous integration tool, but i have never used these kind of tools before. My code is in svn and the most important features I am looking for are:

  • Object version tracking
  • Compile issues reporting with mails

Does anyone has experience using such tools with C and Cobol code?

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I use jenkins for C continuous integration. Jenkins jobs can run bash scripts, so at a minimum you can have the script be make. If make returns non-zero, the build will fail. There is additional stuff you can do to like have gcov/lcov reports collected when you have it up and running as well.

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I've used Jenkins a little bit, and it can do all sorts of interesting things, including integration with most version control systems and automatic emails when builds succeed/fail.

It runs as a web-service on anything that can run Java, pretty much.

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