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I am using Spring 3.1 and i wrote a custom converter

public class CategoryConverter implements Converter<Long, Category> {
  public Category convert(String id) {
    return BeanProvider.getCategoryDAO().get(id);

and wired it with mvc in the application context

<bean id="conversionService" class="org.springframework.format.support.FormattingConversionServiceFactoryBean">
  <property name="converters">
       <bean class="converter.CategoryConverter"/>

Whenever i send the form (that sends a number, namely, the id) then I get a no matching editors or conversion strategy found exception.

If i declare the Converter as Converter<String, Category> then it miraculously works.

Can anybody point out, why it works only with string and not with long. Is there a way to define the converter in a way, so it works with type Long too?

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