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I just want to create a folder outside my war structure. I need to replicate my local architecture using vmc or via manifest.yml

I want to create directories into the root of the remote system.

For example, in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk you can do this :

command: "cp -r .ebextensions/myConfig /var/"

Where "myConfig" is a Linked folder into my local strructure, and "var" is a remote folder for a Tomcat Based instance in Amazon.

Is there any way to do this in Cloud Foundry?

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No. You can not modify the root filesystem. You get the directory that contains the application, and that can be modified at will but that's it.

Elastic Beanstalk gives you a vm which you can do WHATEVER you want. Cloud Foundry doesn't give you a vm; so it has limitations.

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