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I'm having trouble with my coffeescript, I'm trying to refresh a load of values once a ajax call is complete (using 'best_in_place'), and to do that in the tidiest way I've put all my code in a function that gets called as part of the callback.

However, it appears that rails wants to call this function on page load, rather than as a call back every time, why is this?

    jQuery ->
  $('.best_in_place').best_in_place().bind("ajax:success", Statement.update_transactions())

Statement =  
  update_transactions : () ->
    alert('running update');
    $('.category_field').each( ->
      transaction_id = $(this).attr('data-transaction-id')
      $(this).load('/transaction/update_category/'+transaction_id, ->
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Remove the parenthesis from Statement.update_transactions()

They cause the method to be invoked immediately. So just use:

$('.best_in_place').best_in_place().bind("ajax:success", Statement.update_transactions)
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