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I am backing up from a Java app to google cloud storage, and then restoring my backup to another Java app.

Everything works ok, but indexes are not rebuilt automatically, so some queries are failing with:

Internal Server Error: no matching index found. 

I never manually created indexes on the original datastore, so I am guessing they are automatically created whenever entities are added, but this is not triggered by the backup process.

Assuming I know which fields of which entities are to be indexed (I can see them from the original deployed app) - what's the best way to trigger index creation after restoring a backup?

Any help appreciated!

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I found the answer here, added the datastore-indexes.xml to the app, redeployed, waited for indexes to build and it's now working.

What I am worrying about now is what's gonna happen when I re-deploy to production, is it gonna rebuild all my index even if it's not necessary?

But that's a question for another day, I guess...

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It shouldn't rebuild an index if the index already exists. –  Dan Holevoet Jan 15 '13 at 2:02
thanks for confirming! –  JohnIdol Jan 15 '13 at 16:03
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