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I am looking for some code, which I could send mails out of my website.

I want the user's registered in my website, to be able to automatically send emails at specific time, that's defined by the user. I need a triggering mechanism in asp.NET such that it fires the exact date & time as specified by the user

Any suggestions/approach apart from the above statement is also welcomed.

I have found a solution for the problem, and would kindly request the moderators to delete the post. Thank you

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Have a look at… – citronas Jan 13 '13 at 19:36

Asp.Net is not the correct framework to perform scheduled tasks.
You can use Asp.Net for a web interface in which you allow the users to create "tasks", set the timed intervals and even the content of the emails.
BUT - The process which sends the emails should probably be done using a task scheduler...

Here is a post to point you in the right direction...

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