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I need make some audio effects on a list of recordings in .3gp format that was stored into device.

The audio effects that I need are the addition of reverberant sounds or the mixing with another audio files with sounds of traffic or a crowd.

I believe the best way to mix the audio recordings and the audio effects is with the SoundPool class. To make the SoundPool I followed the next tutorial: Getting your feet wet in Android’s SoundPool

For the echo effect I'm trying to use the audiofx package with the classes PresetReverb and EnvironmentalReverb but didn't makes the effect with my code:

public void playSoundPresetReverb(){

       PresetReverb pReverb  = new PresetReverb(1, 0);



public void playSoundEnvironmentReverb(){

       eReverb = new EnvironmentalReverb(0, 0);
       eReverb.setDecayHFRatio((short) 1000);
       eReverb.setDensity((short) 1000);
       eReverb.setDiffusion((short) 1000);
       eReverb.setReverbLevel((short) -1000);
       eReverb.setReverbDelay((short) 50);


But the playing sound with reverb is without effect. I think the effect is applied after before mp.start(); but I don't know if is needed some preparative for the MediaPlayer.

This is the LogCat for the activity:

My last question is how to save the mediaplayer after the effect.

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You have to connect the new object (reverb) with your media player session.

You can do it this way:

eReverb = new EnvironmentalReverb(0, mp.getsessionid()); 

// mp is your audio player object


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Hello, I am facing same problem did you got any solution for this. I am looking for solution for so many days but not got any. Please share your solution to reverb problem thanks in advance and eagerly waiting for your response ...... – Ram Jul 12 '13 at 9:50

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