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Hey Everyone, I'm getting a very strange error message when I try to iterate through an array of objects. The error is

NoMethodError (undefined method `+@' for []:Array):

Here is the code of that loop.

#go through items and see if there are any corresponding offers 
	#All matches are stored in a hash
	items.each do |itemsi|
		bestoffer = -1
		matchescounter++ #matchescounter only get incredmented when all the offers have been taken care of
		offers.each do |offs|
		if itemsi.togive.to_str == offs.totake.to_str
			if offs.togive.to_int > bestoffer
				bestoffer = offs.togive.to_int
				matches[matchescounter].store(itemi, offer)			
		end#offers loop
	end#items loop

I don't have +@ anywhere in my code. Strange

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There is no ++ operator in Ruby.

And the error message is actually quite clear: it says that the method named '+@' does not exist for your instance of the Array type. '+@' is the actual name of the unary plus instance method, which is defined for the Numeric type, but not for Array.

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use += 1 instead –  erik Sep 16 '09 at 3:07
Thanks, that was my java getting back into my head. –  Pat R Sep 16 '09 at 3:23

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