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I am relatively new to Android programming, but have had experience in Java and other coding languages. As part of a program that I am currently making, I want to be able to send a pre-defined email when a button is pressed. I am currently looking at this code:

Sending Email in Android using JavaMail API without using the default/built-in app

I am currently able to start an intent to start the MailSenderActivity.class. However, I am not able to understand how that is able to send an email through the GmailSender.class. I believe that I am misunderstanding how to use the code provided. Am I supposed to create two separate intents that will start both activities up, one after each other, in the code on the home page, as below? If not, how would I do it?

public void SendEmail(View v) {
    Intent i = new Intent(getBaseContext(), MailSenderActivity.class);    
    Intent j = new Intent(getBaseContext(), GMailSender.class);       

Also, I am wondering about the defined spaces for to/from, subject, body and the like in the code. I see that the MailSenderActivity.class has

                try {   
                GMailSender sender = new GMailSender("username@gmail.com", "password");
                sender.sendMail("This is Subject",   
                        "This is Body",   

Are the user@gmail.com and user@yahoo.com both the recipients of the email? And are there any other places in the code where I am supposed to define the contents of the email?

Thanks for your time.

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Scroll down and read the rest of the answer, you'll see that the sendMail() method gives all the clues:

public synchronized void sendMail(String subject, String body, String sender, String recipients) 

So: "user@gmail.com" is the sender (From field).

"user@yahoo.com" is the recipient (To field). You can specify more with commas, eg


You would also see that GMailSender is just a class, not an Activity. Therefore, it does not need an Intent; just instantiate the class. Also, MailSenderActivity is a code sample demonstrating the implementation of GMailSender. You do not have to use it.


public void SendMail (View v) {
  try {   
    GMailSender sender = new GMailSender("your_username@gmail.com", "password");
                    "Email body",   
  } catch (Exception e) {   
    Log.e("SendMail", e.getMessage(), e);   

Also keep in mind Java naming conventions state that methods should start with a lowercase letter. You should adhere to those conventions and refactor your code appropriately.

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Alright, thanks for your answer! So are you saying that I do not need to create a new activity to use that code? –  The Obscure Question Jan 13 '13 at 19:47
@AndrewChen Np, welcome to StackOverflow! Please make sure you have read the FAQ, and that you know how accepting and answer works. And yes, you don't. I'll edit my answer. –  A--C Jan 13 '13 at 19:49
Now I read your updated edit to your answer, and am now slightly confused. Unless I am mistaken, I don't believe that there is any place to define the subject and body of the email. If I were to not use MailSenderActivity, and just use GmailSender, would I not be able to define a custom subject nor body? –  The Obscure Question Jan 13 '13 at 19:53
@AndrewChen this is like any other programming language. Make body and subject variables, get them as user input, then when they click your button pass those variables off instead. Android uses Java. –  A--C Jan 13 '13 at 19:55
Alright, I believe that I understand how to define those variables. However, I have been playing around with the code, and this is where my inexperience with Android programming comes in. If I were to just instantiate the class, how would I run the code without an intent (unless that's not the purpose of the intent). I guess what I'm trying to ask is, how would I even use the code provided? Can you give me a quick run-through of what I'm supposed to do? –  The Obscure Question Jan 13 '13 at 20:00

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