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I have about 200 CT scans that I need to limit their intensity values between -2048 and 2048. I tried histeq and imadjust but they did not work. I get the best result when I use imshow(image, [-2048,2048]). But I need to save the result data of this imshow.

imshow result without display range

imshow result with display range

I want to obtain the output image of imshow with display range and to be able to save it?


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what is the range of your input CT scans? Can you provide the exact code you tried for histeq and imadjust? Why were you not happy with these results? How exactly do you display negative intensities in imshow? –  Shai Jan 13 '13 at 21:01
@Shai: imshow maps the intensites onto the colormap from the minimum range to the maximum range - in the present case, -2048 corresponds to black, 2048 corresponds to white with the limits set. –  Jonas Jan 13 '13 at 21:10
For data that are not in standard grayscale or RGB you can use imagesc() for displaying it. –  Georg Jan 14 '13 at 11:50

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If all you want to do is limit the range of the values the same way imshow does it, you can write

limits = [-2048 2048];
limitedImage = min(max(originalImage, limits(1)), limits(2));

This will set all intensities lower than -2048 to -2048, and all intensities above 2048 to 2048.

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As @Jonas suggested, you may want to truncate extreme values. Alternately you can rescale your colors to make sure you always make full use of the entire spectrum (with maximum contrast).

scaledImage = zeros(size(originalImage)) % Just for initialization
desiredRange = 2*2048;
currentRange = max(originalImage(:)) - min(originalImage(:)); % You will want to remove NaNs first if they occur
currentMean = mean(originalImage(:))
scaledImage(:) = currentMean + (originalImage(:) - currentMean) * desiredRange /currentRange 

This will set all intensities lower than -2048 to -2048, and all intensities above 2048 to 2048.

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You could also use some function that is limited and monotone.

eg. I would use something like limitedImage = 2048*tanh(originalImage/2048)

Using this you could recover the original image, and wouldn't loose the information for values over 2048.

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